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Dave Logan d.logan at uq.edu.au
Mon Jun 16 19:59:07 EDT 2008

Hi Leila,

You could include some CoralWatch coral health monitoring as part of
your trip to further involve people in assessing the health of their own
reef or any reefs you visit.

CoralWatch distributes Coral Health Charts and a Reef Education package;
flexible tools that you can adapt to suit your reef monitoring and
education needs.

The CoralWatch Coral Health Chart consists of a series of coloured areas
representing common coral colours.  Within each area, the
saturation/brightness of the colours is varied systematically to
represent different stages of coral bleaching and recovery,
corresponding to varying concentrations of symbiotic algae and
chlorophyll within coral tissues. In the field, you simply compare the
colour of a coral with the colours on the chart and record matching
codes.  You can report your data online at www.coralwatch.org and add it
to a global monitoring database or send to us via post, fax or e-mail.

Let me know if you would like me to send you one of our free DIY coral
health monitoring kits which contains a chart, datasheet and more
information on the program or learn more at www.coralwatch.org

you should also get in touch with Chris Bone at Oceanswatch, a group
undertaking marine conservation projects and offering humanitarian aid
to coastal communities in developing countries in close co-operation
with the world's yachting and diving communities www.oceanswatch.org.  I
believe they already are doing a bit of work in that region.

Kind Regards


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 I will be going to Vanuatu and to PNG from mid July to September
to participate in a reef check program. Do you have any suggestions to
help raise local and touris awareness there regarding the reefs. Are
there any other projects we could visit? We are a crew of 3 (Captain,
scientist, SCUBA instructor-me!- ) who will be traveling aboard a 30+
foot sailboat.
  I have never been to this area so all advice is greatly
Thanks, Leila

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