[Coral-List] collaborated coral reef research with Sri Lanka

anura upasanta kumara wickrama arachchige waaukumara at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 05:15:31 EDT 2008

I am interested in doing a research on coral reproduction. I have funds (US
$ 65000) to work on coastal resources and I am interested in carrying out a
research on reproduction of selected species of corals available in Sri
Lanka and to compare the findings with the related coral species in any
where else. I have to register for a split Ph.D. Program. Therefore I could
spend 4-6 months per year in that particular university. I would be pleased
if some of you could kindly let me know whether this is possible and if so,
what will be the costs incurred to register for a split Ph.D. Presently I am
carrying out research in the Southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Professor
P.R.T.Cumaranathunge is the local coordinator for the above grant. I have to
do a major part of research in Sri Lanka because the Sida /SAREC has given
to build capacity in marine research at University of Ruhuna. I would
appreciate if some of you could respond to this mail at your earliest
Thank you very much.



Department of Oceanography and Marine Geology,

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences and Technology,

University of Ruhuna,


Sri Lanka.

T.P. +94 41 2227026

Fax: +94 41 2227026

e-mail: waaukumara at fish.ruh.ac.lk

           waaukumara at gmail.com

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