[Coral-List] origin of the term hermatypic

Charles Booth booth at easternct.edu
Tue Jun 17 10:26:29 EDT 2008

Shashank Keshavmurthy:
Thanks. I cited the Schuhmacher and Zibrowius (1985) paper in my original
post, but I don¹t have access to issues of  Coral Reefs going back that far
(and I¹m not inclined to pay $32 for a reprint).  Nor do I have access to
Bulletins of American Paleontology.

Sarah Rathbone:
Thanks to you, too. That sounds like a very plausible connection. I guess
I¹m a bit rusty when it comes to Greek mythology.

I suspect the answer is, as Shashank suggests, to be found Wells (1933)
and/or Schuhmacher and Zibrowius (1985). If someone has access one of these
articles, I would love to know what they say on this subject.

Chuck Booth

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