[Coral-List] One more final word on hermatypic

Charles Booth booth at easternct.edu
Tue Jun 17 16:03:33 EDT 2008

Thanks to Mike Risk, I just realized that the Schumaker and Zibrious (1985)
paper (Coral Reefs 4: 1-9) gave credit to J.W. Wells (1933) for coining the
terms hermatypic and ahermatypic, yet they also cited an earlier paper by
E.R. Cummings (1932) Reefs or bioherms? Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. 43: 331-352.
Clearly, ³herm² was already in use by paleontologists when Wells¹ paper was
published, though he perhaps should get credit for using it as an adjective.

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