[Coral-List] Newspaper article on coral reef conservation

Sarah Frias-Torres sfrias_torres at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 19 10:56:43 EDT 2008

Dear Coral-list,following one of my previous comments on the list, I have received several requests for an article on coral reef conservation I had published in one of the major newspapers in Spain (summer 2007), which initiated a chain reaction of more exposure in the media. Attached you will find the article, in Spanish. The article was addressed to the intelligent reader with no training in marine biology.For non-spanish speakers in the list, the main text talks about coral biology, current threats to coral reefs and global warming. The box on the bottom is a shortlist of things you can do to save what is left. The final sentence is 'saber es poder' (=knowledge is power). The underwater photos (except one, credited to NOAA) are part of my own collection.  Total time spent on the article: 8 hours, Total money earned : zero dollars, Knowing that a country with no coral reefs paid attention: priceless

Sarah Frias-Torres, Ph.D. 
Marine Conservation Biologist
Ocean Research and Conservation Association, Fort Pierce, Florida USA

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