[Coral-List] Ideas for transporting chemicals to Indonesia??

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As you are finding, Heather, import and export of preservatives, reagents and samples can be exceedingly troublesome.  I have found that the simplest approach is to identify a local supplier and purchase it after entering the country.  In some cases, I have been able to correspond with a local academic colleague having access to local suppliers willing to order for me in advance or to sell me a portion of his/her existing supplies.  Alternatively, you may in some cases be able to order it from an international supply house, asking that it be delivered to a local colleague, in which case, they deal with customs requirements.  Another way is to ship it to a local contact in advance, being sure to exactly follow documentation requirements of the receiving country.  In no case would I carry it with me without advance customs negotiation and clearance, and even then this would be a last resort as there is always the risk that you will encounter an uninformed or unaware customs official, with the dire results your query foresees.

Steve LeGore

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>Dear coral listers
>Has anyone got a suggestion for transporting Sodium sulfite (white powder- used to remove oxygen from water) to Indonesia and back out, without landing in prison for suspected drug trafficking!
>Any ideas would be appreciated.
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