[Coral-List] New Coral Reproduction Global Review

Peter Harrison pharriso at scu.edu.au
Fri Jun 27 00:39:02 EDT 2008


I am completing a new Global Review of Coral Reproduction and am 
collating a global database on coral reproduction topics as part of 
this new review.

This new review will update the previous comprehensive global review 
of this topic by Harrison and Wallace 1990 (> 360 citations):

Harrison, P.L. and Wallace, C.C. (1990). Reproduction, dispersal and 
recruitment of scleractinian corals. Chapter 7. In: Z. Dubinsky 
(Editor), Coral Reef Ecosystems, Ecosystems of the World Vol. 25. pp. 
133-207.  Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam.

and a more recent overview of coral reproduction in the Coral Reef 
ecology review chapter by  Harrison and Booth 2007:

Harrison, P.L. and Booth, D.J. (2007). Coral reefs: naturally dynamic 
and increasingly disturbed ecosystems. Chapter 13, pp. 316-377. In 
S.D. Connell and B.M. Gillanders (Editors) Marine Ecology, Oxford 
University Press, Melbourne, 630 pages.

I have most papers on coral reproduction and many on related topics, 
but am keen to ensure that all relevant papers are used in the 
review, so if you have publications on any aspects of coral 
reproduction and related topics that you feel would be of use please 
either email me pdfs of the papers, or email me the references and 
I'll cross-check against my publications database.

Likewise, if anyone would like copies of my review chapters or 
related papers on coral reproduction please email me and I'll send 
the pdfs.

An overview of the global summary will be presented at 11th ICRS on 8 July.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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