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Fri Jun 27 10:00:19 EDT 2008

If you would, please post the message below to the Coral List regarding
available spaces on REEF's ICRS Field Trip #19.
Thank you kindly,

Joe Cavanaugh

Dear Coral-listers,

Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) would like to take this
opportunity to let attendees to the 11th ICRS know that there are still
spaces available to join Field Trip #19 in Key Largo directly following the
symposium, July 12-15, 2008.  The REEF Field Trip, "Fish Counts in the
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS):  A Multi-Stakeholder
Approach to Coral Reef Management," will be held at Horizon Divers in Key
Largo for both classroom sessions and survey diving.  The main focus of this
ICRS event is to train participants to use the REEF Volunteer Fish Survey
Project to monitor and assess marine resources and engage local
stakeholders.  Participants will learn how to identify coral reef fishes of
the tropical western Atlantic and conduct fish surveys using the Roving
Diver Technique (RDT).  They will also learn to use the data to complement
existing management and research efforts and build a community of volunteers
to collect long-term data on near shore marine habitats.  Current research
in fish biology, Florida fisheries conservation initiatives, the utility of
citizen science data as collected by REEF, and discussion of various survey
methods as they relate to management issues will also be discussed.

Classroom sessions will be conducted by Dr. Jim Bohnsack, NOAA SE research
fisheries biologist; Paul Humann, underwater photographer and author of Reef
ID Field Guide Series; and another guest speaker from FKNMS *TBD*.
All fieldwork will take place within FKNMS waters and be most relevant to
participants who work within one of REEF's survey regions that include the
coastal Americas and Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands.  The reefs visited by
the group are located a short 20-minute boat ride from Horizon Divers shop.
Morning and afternoon dives will be 2-tank reef dives with one optional
one-tank night dive.
REEF will have a booth at ICRS and you may also inquire with Joe Cavanaugh,
Director of Field Operations, prior to ICRS for more details.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting many of you at my first ICRS event.

Joe Cavanaugh
REEF Director of Field Operations
PO Box 246, Key Largo, FL 33037
joe at reef.org

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