[Coral-List] Keys' Causes

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Mon Jun 30 07:08:10 EDT 2008

Hi, Andy!

What is especially difficult is that government employees can't always 
respond in an emotional way to public forums like this one like they'd 
like to.  It's nice to vent emotions--it makes you feel better.  Like, I 
have some well chosen words I'd like to express about this whole 
interchange, and I'm sure the other NOAA and Federal employees would 
like to also.  But we can't!  That puts us at a disadvantage in forums 
like this, and the non-government employees at an advantage; and in a 
perfectly run  government list-server there wouldn't even be such a 
question of "advantage."  Of course, if people did THEIR job better at 
presenting the facts and not "going off" on each other, it would make 
things much easier.  I must reiterate:  leave vindictive emotions out of 
Coral-List messages folks, please.

So, my apologies for not getting it perfect all the time, my apologies 
for letting some messages go through that shouldn't, and sometimes not 
letting some go through that should; and the best thing I can say right 
now is something I think Shakespeare and Henry Miller each said within 
their own eloquent context:  "Truth will out."


Anthony J. Hooten wrote:
> Dear Recent "Re: [Coral-List] Macroalgae in the Keys" readers,
> Like many I am sure, reading these recent these have been quite 
> interesting-- some laughs and a couple of gasps. 

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