[Coral-List] Moreton Bay Park draft zoning plan

John Pandolfi j.pandolfi at cms.uq.edu.au
Sun Mar 2 06:04:08 EST 2008

Dear friends,


Moreton Bay in southeast Queensland, Australia faces a crossroads in her
natural resource management. A new Moreton Bay Marine Park zoning plan
has been made public and submissions are presently sought on the draft
plan.  We would like your support in commenting on the plan to create
the most effective conservation strategy for the Bay. If you are not
familiar with this stunning estuary and the  challenges facingher future
you can get up to speed quickly at:


The Moreton Bay Park draft zoning plan is just about closed for public
comment - YOU HAVE UNTIL 7 MARCH TO HAVE YOUR SAY.  The only way to
ensure that the draft meets scientific recommendations and adequately
protects the incredible amount of wildlife in the marine park is to have
your say.  The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) is leading
the effort to make the zoning plan as effective as possible in
conserving Moreton Bay's habitats, which up to this point have only 0.5%
protection.  AMCS recommends you voice your opinion in one of the
following ways:


1) Quick and easy option: Send an online letter of support with a copy
of the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), Queensland
Conservation Council and Wildlife Preservation Society joint submission
to the Minister for Sustainability.  Please ensure you accurately
complete all your details for your submission to count.  This option
takes about 3 minutes.


2) For those with more time: Go to the EPA website and fill in your own
personal submission. AMCS recommends you use their guide to aid you.
This option took me about 45 minutes.


For either of these two methods, the best place to start is at the
following website:


The closing date for providing submissions is 5pm on 7 March 2008.








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