[Coral-List] Microeconomic Study

Tom Williams ctwiliams at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 2 18:31:50 EST 2008


You need to focus on a specific area which has a
chance - Kish where you have tourism and foreign
exchange. Try to develop a case-study rather than

Any reef in the Pars area are probably gone or will be
gone in next five years. 

I was in UAE for 15 years with Dubai-World, Nakheel
and others.

Basic problems are the ill-defined subsidies given to
fuels and development project...similar to the
Emirates which has lost most of their reefs in the
last 10 years.

Tom Williams
ctwiliams at yahoo.com

--- Wahab Maghsoudlou <wahab at inco.ac.ir> wrote:
> Dear coral lister
> hi,i would so grateful if anybody can help me
> about,microeconomic study on coral reefs ecosystems 
> or any other marine living resources. id like to 
> know about survey process and other indexes which 
> someone should be consider

> about that.because we had not any estimate about the
> cost of marine living resources in Iran, I want to 
> begins a basic research on economical value of
> this ecosystem.again i would so appreciate if
> someone can help me.
> Regards
> Wahab Scientific member, Iranian National Center for
> Oceanography
> Reef Check and GCRMN coordinator in Iran

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