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Lee Goldman coralfarmguam at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 6 22:46:14 EST 2008

Dear Jeremy (and List),
  With all due respect, it is not that scientists lack in thier ability to communicate the problem to the aquarium industry. If you read carefully into our discussion, you will see it is, in fact, the aquarium industry that is often not listening. I contend as I always have that many people are simply not listening and relying completely on their notion that the trade does not represent a major impact to the reef. Scientists can only identify and discuss the problem. A few have tried to make serious stabs into developing new techniques to reduce wild stock harvesting. Ultimately, however, it comes down to the local suppliers and local buyers. Do you want to support wild stock harvesting? If so, buy your corals without doing any research and without gaining knowledge about where they come from. Do you want to buy true aquacultured corals that have been propagated with the idea of reef conservation as their paramount mission statement? Then do the research and support their
 efforts by purchasing corals from these facilities. It comes down to this simple idea, which translates to so many other areas of our lives....become informed and make good decisions based on your knowledge. I mean, what more do you want scientists to do? It is time for people to take personal responsibility. Suppliers are at the will of the buyers.The buyers create the demand. If buyers want only aquaculuted corals with complete accountability, then it would take no time to see a change. I suspect you know this, based not only on your personal experience, but because it is expressed in many areas of conservatoin...take personal responsibility. 
  I understand you are writing an article that expresses many of the points I just made and I also suspect very strongly that you agree with them. However, as a scientist, your assertion that we have not done a good enough job is incorrect. We do a fantastic job of providing information that allows people to make good decisions. Do you want us to make decisions for everyone as well? I know many scientists who would love that opportunity...
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