[Coral-List] DEADLINE for 11th ICRS Education & Outreach Opportunities!

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Tue Mar 11 13:39:37 EDT 2008

Please post widely!  (Apologies for cross-postings.)

REMINDER:  March 14 is the Deadline to submit applications to give  
presentations or demonstrations to the public in the Outreach &  
Education Program at the 11th ICRS!

For more information, please see below.

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This is an invitation and announcement of exciting opportunities for  
your organization to reach an estimated audience of 2,500  
international scientists, policy makers, managers, and  
conservationists by participating in the upcoming 11th International  
Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) in Fort Lauderdale (see  
http://www.nova.edu/ncri/11icrs/index.html),  July 7-11, during the  
2008 International Year of the Reef (IYOR; see http://www.iyor.org/).   
Key focuses of this symposium include the challenges that climate  
change, overfishing, and pollution pose to coral reefs.  The ICRS is  
the world’s major coral reef science meeting, held only once every 4  
years, where attendees gather to present research and to share ideas  
on how to best advance coral reef science, management, and  
conservation.  Your organization MUST be there!  For details, please  
see below.  Thank you.

Please distribute this notice widely.  We look forward to your  
participation.  See you there!

Best regards,

Education Center Committee
11th ICRS

Exciting 11th ICRS Outreach OPPORTUNITIES!!!

•   Participate as an Exhibitor at the ICRS (Inside booth, $1,995;  
Corner booth, $2,195. Discounted rates for organizations that meet the  
requirements given for Non-Profit Organizations, Governmental  
Agencies, Non-Governmental Agencies, Universities and Education  
Display are $550 for a corner 10' x 10' booth (if available) and $500  
for an inside 10' x 10' booth.).  See  
http://www.nova.edu/ncri/11icrs/exhibits.html for more details.

•   Participate as an Education Center Exhibitor (same rates for  
Non-Profit Organizations, Governmental Agencies, Non-Governmental  
Agencies, Universities and Education Displays given above).    See  
http://www.nova.edu/ncri/11icrs/education.html for more details.

•   Participate as an Education Center Program Presenter or  
Demonstrator in a 1- or 2-h presentation or demonstration for the  
general public, during the ICRS.  An area has been set aside for oral  
presentations and short-term exhibits/demonstrations, including  
tables, microphone, screen, data projector.  Only a limited number of  
time slots are available.  Submit applications by March 14  
(instructions found below*).  Notification of acceptance will be  
emailed approximately March 25.

•   Participate as a Contributor to the Education Center  
Resource-Sharing Library.  Table space will be provided for a maximum  
of two items of informational, educational, or outreach material of  
potential interest to educators, students, and the general public from  
each contributing organization.  Materials not approved by the  
Education Center Committee (ECC) may be removed and destroyed without  
notice.  For approval details, please contact the ECC, via   
Christopher.Boykin at dep.state.fl.us .

•   Participate as a Sponsor of the 11th ICRS.  Event and General  
Sponsorships are available.  Please see  
http://www.nova.edu/ncri/11icrs/sponsorships.html for details.

Please Note: Literature and other approved materials will be limited  
to distribution from a designated exhibit booth only.  No commercial  
material of any type will be distributed from the Education Center.   
Nothing may be distributed in the exhibit area aisles, from any other  
booth, or in the hallways, corridors, or meeting rooms, at the  
convention center or any of the hotels.

*  Education Center Program Presenters:  To be considered for  
inclusion in the Schedule of Presentations, no later than March 14,  
please submit the following information in an email message with “ICRS  
ECC Presentation” in the subject line to  
Christopher.Boykin at dep.state.fl.us .  Please include the following  
information:  (1) contact name and affiliation; (2) specify whether  
oral presentation (talk, slide show, etc.) or demonstration (exhibit,  
experiment, lesson plan(s), student activity(ies), PSA or other video  
loop, etc.; (3) total length of time needed for set-up, presentation,  
questions, feedback, and break down: choose “30 minutes,” “1 hour,” or  
“2 hours”; (4) topic; (5) additional (rental) equipment; (6) intended  
audience; and (7) the benefit you anticipate this audience will receive.

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