[Coral-List] Knowledgebase for Lessons Learned and Best Practices in the Management of Coral Reefs

Tupper, Mark (WorldFish) M.Tupper at CGIAR.ORG
Wed Mar 12 08:31:36 EDT 2008

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Dear Colleagues,
I would like to invite your participation in the GEF-funded project "Knowledgebase for Lessons Learned and Best Practices in the Management of Coral Reefs". The project seeks to formalize the experiences, lessons learned from previous GEF projects, as well as major non-GEF initiatives, involving coral reefs and associated ecosystems. The project aims to identify, analyze, and translate lessons into good practices and information resources, and then disseminate this information globally for use in future project design and development. One of the aims of the project is that the products are implemented in future coral reef management projects. We therefore hope to develop a network of coral reef managers and researchers who can share their experiences and add to the knowledgebase.

The GEF Lessons Learned and Best Practices Toolkit (GEF LL Toolkit) is a place to find information about how to design and implement coral reef management strategies. The tools provided on this website are also available through an interactive CD-ROM. This toolkit is a "living knowledgebase" - as our knowledge of the issues surrounding coral reef management and how best to approach them improves, revisions of this information can be anticipated.

The GEF LL Toolkit is available on-line at http://gefll.reefbase.org, and updates will be provided on a quarterly basis to provide the latest information available on coral reef management issues. Also available online are an email listserv (http://lists.reefbase.org/mailman/listinfo/lessons.learned) and a weblog (blog) space for coral reef managers and scientists to discuss their ideas and experiences. I would grateful if you would subscribe to the listserver and add your input, particularly in terms of commentary on the information contained in the toolkit. Feel free to suggest any changes or additions you feel would be valuable. Please note that the Lessons Learned listserver is not intended to compete with this Coral list. Instead it is meant to be a supplemental list where coral managers and researchers can discuss their experiences with management issues.

The GEF LL Toolkit is comprised of eight extensive issue streams, each of which is a high priority in coral reef management:

·          Project Design
·          Project Management
·          Community Participation
·          Partnerships & Linkages
·          Policy, Legislation & Enforcement
·          Ecosystem-based Management
·          Monitoring & Evaluation of Coral Reef Management
·          Capacity, Education & Knowledge Management

We are very excited to be launching this toolkit and website and hope that you will find it useful. If you find information that is out-of-date or notice we are missing a critical piece, please feel free to contact us at reefbase at cgiar.org so that we can continue to provide the most current and useful information to coral reef managers.

Many thanks for your time,

Mark Tupper


Dr. Mark Tupper
Scientist - Coral Reefs
The WorldFish Center
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