[Coral-List] 11th ICRS: Schedule, Exhibits & Ed. Center

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Fri May 2 09:33:14 EDT 2008

  Please send to any colleagues that may be interested.
  Check out the 11ICRS SYMPOSIUM SCHEDULE July 7-11, 2008 www.nova.edu/ncri/11icrs/sciprogram_schedule.html 
  EXHIBITS RESERVE TODAY!!: (Largest Symposium Attendance Ever-Advance registration of over 2000 already.) To exhibit in our Exhibit Hall or Educational Center, contact Janet Kearney, at jkearney at faseb.org or go to: www.nova.edu/ncri/11icrs/exhibits.html
  Exhibit Area EDUCATION CENTER Activities:
  MONDAY, July 7, 2008:  “IYOR 2008 Celebration”
  TUESDAY, July 8, 2008:  “Educational Activities:  For K-12 Teachers and Students”
   Educational Resources for Coral Reef Awareness and Conservation, by Marci Wulff and Paulo Maurin, NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program  
   Guardians of the Reef, by Romina King, Guam Coastal Management Program    
   Lleve su Bolsita (Bring Your Own Bag) of Puerto Rico, by Brandi Todd, University of Puerto Rico   
   AWARE Kids’ Program for Educators and Dive Professionals:  Marine Science & Conservation Activities for K–5th, by Jenny Miller Garmendia, Project AWARE Foundation
  WEDNESDAY, July 9, 2008:  “Focus:  Florida”
   The Smithsonian in Florida, by Laura Diederick, Smithsonian Marine Station   
   Gifts from the Sea, by Gary Bremen, Biscayne National Park   
   Stop the Spread of Non-Native Marine Species, by Maia McGuire, University of Florida Sea Grant   
   The Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative:  A Regional Approach to Coral Reef Conservation, by Christopher Boykin, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Coral Reef Conservation Program and Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative
  THURSDAY, July 10, 2008:  “Coral Reef Conservation”
   Jamaica’s Forgotten Frontier:  Bringing Pedro Bank into the Conservation Fold, by Nathalie Zenny and Julianne Robinson, The Nature Conservancy   
   Demonstration of ReefBase Information Systems Focused on Coral Reef Resources & Management, by Moi Khim Tan and Pip Cohen, The WorldFish Center   
   Demonstration of the CoralWatch Reef Monitoring Program for Educators and Dive Professionals, by Ania Budziak, Project AWARE Foundation, and Dave Logan, CoralWatch, University of Queensland
  FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA: Visit www.nova.edu/ncri/11icrs/venue.html or www.sunny.org for local information.  
  11th ICRS REGISTRATION: www.nova.edu/ncri/11icrs/registration.html
  QUESTIONS?: General Info: 11icrs-secretariat at mail.ocean.nova.edu; Exhibits:  jkearney at faseb.org; Sponsorships:  dodge at nova.edu 
  65 days left until the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium!

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