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We use a Canon G8 or G9 in its underwater housing. The housing is small, and
the camera takes reasonable movies and great stills, and is within your


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Hello Brad  -- A small and lightweight video system is available from 
the SeaViewer company in Florida  (http://www.seaviewer.com/).  We 
built a small aluminum frame for it so we could tow it behind a boat. 
We also used an integrated hardware/software package from Red Hen 
Systems (http://redhensystems.com) to georeference the video and 
interactively annotate points along the video transect within their 
GIS (MediaMapper) software (also integrates with ESRI products).

You can check out the following publication for more information on 
our methodology for mapping benthic habitats in Hawaii ... 

Feel free to contact me for more information.

Good luck!


>Hi Folks, Apr 30
>Could those of you with experience doing UW video take a moment to give
>some advice?
>I'm a newbie at this and have a modest budget to get started with (about
>$2-3k). I'm hoping to run benthic surveys (%cover, coral diversity,
>urchin abundance) as well as survey fish diversity (perhaps abundance).
>I'd like to have lights as well.  I don't think I need (or can afford) a
>HD camera initially. I'm also wondering about video analysis software
>for a PC or Mac.  I've heard about the Top Dawg
>(http://www.topdawgvideo.com/) but assume many of you have experience
>with other systems that I should also consider. If you would, could you
>email me to discuss?
>Thanks, Brad
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