[Coral-List] White-spined Diadema antillarum

Gordon Hendler hendler at nhm.org
Mon May 12 00:32:30 EDT 2008

According to Moore (1966:81) large Diadema antillarum with some or many 
white or gray spines "...are found in darker and more turbid conditions and 
frequently in caves. In my experience, they seem to be more common in deep 
water around Caribbean reefs than at shallow depths. The spines of 
juveniles are always banded with black and white. Individuals change color 
in response to the intensity of illumination. Animals that are black during 
the day pale at night.
Hendler et al. 1995. Sea Stars, Sea Urchins, and Allies. Echinoderms of 
Florida and the Caribbean. Smithsonian Institution Press. 390 pp.
Moore, H.B. Ecology of echinoids. In: Physiology of Echinodermata, ed. R.A. 
Boolootian, 73-85. John-Wiley Interscience. N.Y.

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