[Coral-List] Coral bleaching in the western coast of Mexico

Hector Reyes hreyes at uabcs.mx
Thu May 15 14:45:04 EDT 2008

yes; actually this is the coldest year in the southern gulf of california,
at least in the last decade (a combination of an anti-ENSO and the change
in the pacific decadal oscillation). it is interesting that in many areas
of west mexico the temperature is NOT monotonically increasing but instead
we are noticing a higher yearly interval, even in areas where SST average
is practically the same since the 1980 (Huatulco; 16°N). on the other
hanbd, cold-water bleaching has occurred two years in a row in baja.
that´s why we are worried.. maybe we are simplifying the effects of global
change and only looking at one side of the equation. what about start
thinking about "degree freezing weeks"?


> Hi Hector,
> What you have witnessed near the mouth of the Sea of Cortes during the
> Feb-March interval we feel is almost certainly bleaching as a result of
> unusually COLD water!! Yes, bleaching has been observed from cold water
> during the later winter months [note: Hoegh-Guldberg et al., Limnol.
> Oceanogr., 50(1): 265– 2005, "Coral bleaching following wintry weather"].
> Was this one of your coolest winters of late??
> Cheers,
> Al Strong
> Hector Reyes said the following on 5/8/2008 11:59 AM:
>> Dear coral listers, a news flash. From february to april we have
>> witnessed
>> a very strong bleaching in the entire southern region of the gulf of
>> california and adjacent waters (from 25N to 20N). Pocilloporid corals
>> are
>> very damaged, and total coral mortality in some areas surpasses 50%;
>> this
>> figure is higher than the one we reported in 1997-98 for the same
>> region,
>> after the ENSO. Has anyone else in the western coast of the Americas has
>> noticed something similar? Gracias.
>> Hector Reyes
>> UABCS, La Paz
>>> Hi,
>>> During research on thermal coral bleaching in the western pacific warm
>>> pool,
>>> I noticed that observations of coral bleaching in that region are very
>>> limited in the reefbase.org database. I would like to know if anyone
>>> knows
>>> of any bleaching episodes not recorded in that database.
>>> You can see the location of the warm pool here:
>>> http://roskilde.eas.purdue.edu/~ruben/wpwp.jpg
>>> If you know of any observations of bleaching in that region, please to
>>> submit your data on the form that can be found here:
>>> http://roskilde.eas.purdue.edu/~ruben/bleaching_in_WPWP.php
>>> Thank you very much for your help, and if you have any questions or
>>> remarks
>>> please ask me directly,
>>> Ruben van Hooidonk
>>> Purdue University
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