[Coral-List] Coral Reef Restoration??

Don Baker reefpeace at yahoo.com
Mon May 19 04:57:57 EDT 2008

Greetings Coral List Members.....

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I have only just begun to 'digest' this issue as discussed with your well appreciated comments and references for the past month or so.  Please give me a moment.

In our 21st century, we are faced with a panacea of coral reef ecosystem 'restoration' endeavors that may be portrayed and expounded upon by a myriad of quasi-institutional / governmental entities seeking various innovative ways & means to justify human based agendas that are limited and blatantly selfish to serve the greed of Big Business and ultimately - economic, social and a ethical power over the ignorant masses.  We have seen this syndrome with the prawn farm issue throughout South East Asia.  

Why should we allow the same to be applied to our precious and fragile coral reefs for that sake of diving quotas, jetski treks, and a cool 'Rum & Coke' while sitting in a 'water village' chalet & dive resort that proclaims 'Reef Restoration' while its septic tanks drain onto the white sandy beaches and into the ecosystems that justifies their very existence in the first place?  

I am not some "Greener!"  We can have the septic tanks but we have to have the correct way to dispose of the waste.  Am I missing the point and going off on some tangent?  Nope!   It all boils down to "Using" the quasi, elusive concept of 'coral reef restoration'  to inspire quasi- institutional/Gov entites to get the $$ to 'give it a go!'   Well.....Let this inspire further discourse within.

Am I just bantering and pointing fingers?  Not at all.  Let us all work together herein to address a "real & present" restoration agenda.....that could very well be but to give the reef a 'break' and see how they can 'repair' themselves...if at all.

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Don Baker

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