[Coral-List] Call for underwater video footage

Gabriel Grimsditch gabriel_grimsditch at hotmail.com
Mon May 19 12:19:17 EDT 2008

Dear Coral-listers
The IUCN Climate Change and Coral Reefs Working Group (http://www.iucn.org/themes/marine/coral_reefs/cccr/cccr_home.html) is preparing short videos on coral reef resilience for the IUCN Conservation Congress in October of this year (http://cms.iucn.org/news_events/events/congress/index.cfm). This is a high-profile conservation event, and the videos will be viewed by a varied audience from around the world.
We are calling for people who have footage to contribute this to for use in the videos. Of course full credit will be given to sources. We are looking for high quality PAL footage of the following:

Shots of bleached corals… Different angles, different species, bleached coral fields, partially-bleached colonies, bleached corals overgrown by algae, bleached corals being monitored, bleached and healthy colonies of the same species next to each other

Intense sun over calm water

View of calm lagoon on hot day with exposed corals at low tide.

Coral spawning

Shot of zooxanthellae under a microscope

Large Montastrea annularis colony

Jamaican fishermen

Diseased/dying sea urchin

Jamaican reefs completely overgrown by algae

Experimental cages locking out herbivores

Batfish feeding on macroalgae

Coral piece breaking off a colony during a storm

A coral reef in fast current conditions

Corals shaded by cliffs
If you are interested in providing some underwater footage for these videos, please get in touch with Gabriel Grimsditch (ggrimsditch at iucnus.org) or David Obura (dobura at cordioea.org)
Thank you and look forward to hearing from youGabriel


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