[Coral-List] response

John Fraser jfraser at wcs.org
Tue May 20 14:19:52 EDT 2008


This listserv is a place where many people concerned about the state  
of coral reefs and environmental degradation share information.  We  
would like to ask for your help because of your specific experiences  
working with knowledge about environmental
conservation today. We are specifically interested in learning about  
how people like members of this list feel about, react to, and ponder  
environmental challenges.

To help us out, we would like as many of the members of this listserv  
as possible to fill out a survey that you can reach by the URL  
below.  The survey will only take about 10 minutes to do, and may  
help to teach us more about how we are addressing the psychological  
impacts of having the kind of conservation knowledge that list  
members take for granted.


If you can complete the survey by May 24th, we would be most  
appreciative.  We anticipate having results to share with members of  
this list by August 15th.

Thank you very much

John Fraser,
Director, Public Research and Evaluation
Wildlife Conservation Society

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