[Coral-List] Water Quality Thresholds for Dredging

Don Baker reefpeace at yahoo.com
Tue May 20 17:17:08 EDT 2008

Hello Richard,

I, too, am very interested in this info....as the US Navy anticipates to dredge out Guam's Apra Harbor in order to allow air craft carrier entry/access .....and to expand its ammunition offload docking area.

Cheers from Guam,
Don Baker

Richard Unsworth <richardunsworth at hotmail.com> wrote: 
Hi All,
       does anyone know of any mainstream or 'grey' literature that is available on the development and use of water quality thresholds for the modelling and monitoring of dredge impacts upon coral reefs or other benthic primary producer habitats? I have some studies (i.e. Mcarthur et al 2002, Turner et al. 2006, Koskela et al. 2002) and associated references but actual hard information on specific thresholds and how and why they were developed seems scant within the literature, so any studies would be extremely useful! There seems to be lots of information available on the impact of dredging, sedimentation and turbidity but not about the assessment of potential impacts and the thresholds required to prevent these. Also any useful contacts for such information would also be useful.
Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!
Kind regards

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