[Coral-List] White anemones- nemo in the white house?

Michele & Karl michka at fellenius.net
Sun May 25 17:48:05 EDT 2008


Can someone briefly explain why some anemones associated with anemonefishes
are white instead of the usual yellow or beige (and sometimes colour-tipped)
ones? I've had this question from clients a few times now. The anemones
appear healthy. To date I have not seen them 'change' colour although I am
interested if this can happen as well. I understand that many anemones have
zooxanthellae-like symbionts so I am hoping that 'white' anemones are not
'bleached.' If they are bleaching then are there cases where they bleach but
only turn a pale version of their former selves (like some corals)? If so,
then this might be hard to detect.

Any clarification is appreciated.


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