[Coral-List] Aldabra Atoll

Albert Norstrom albert at ecology.su.se
Thu May 29 06:39:42 EDT 2008

Hi Coral Listers:

I've been trying to get in touch with the Aldabra Marine Programme team 
(Aldabra website <http://www.aldabra.org/news/default.htm>); Dr. Nigel 
Downing, Dr. Ray Buckley, Mr. Alan Smith and Dr. Ben Stobart. I've 
tried, in vain, to contact them via the email adresses provided at the 
website and several other adresses found when searching the web. I need 
some information on the current status of the Aldabra reefs; 
specifically if the results of the AMP 2006 expedition have been 
analysed and published (previous results from the AMP programme have 
been published in Stobart et al 2005  Philos T Roy Soc B 363:251-255 and 
Buckley et al (2004) Report on the 2004 Aldabra Marine Programme 
Research, Aldabra Marine Programme Phase V).

I'm hoping that somebody might guide me as to how I can get in touch 
with somebody from the team, or if anybody knows if the AMP has been 

Best regards,
Albert Norström

Albert Norström
PhD Student
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Stockholm University

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