[Coral-List] Coral reef mapping

jean benoit NICET jbtnicet at caramail.com
Fri May 30 01:56:27 EDT 2008

   Dear Coral-Listers,
   Many  stakeholders involved in coral reefs conservation and management
   and/or  produce  maps  but  most  of  these  are  elaborated without a
   protocol for coding geomorphology, benthic habitats etc
   Technical guides for that are rare.
   As part of the French ICRI (IFRECOR) action plan actually exist an
   initiative which aims to provide decision makers a handbook concerning
   reef mapping. We have been inventoring studies and pubications relvant
   that  topic  for  french oversea territories as well as existing tools
   mapping coral reefs with embeded approach.
   Our  group  is  working in order to analyse, as well as possible, ways
   harmonised approaches for coding and expressing layers such as
   geomorphology, benthic communities, sensitivity etc
   It    will    be    very    appreciated   to   learn   about   similar
   initiatives/projects in
   other  coutries/institutions  to  ensure compatibilty between projects
   capacity building for stakeholders.
   Technical  guides  that  may  be  reference  citations  would  alos be
   Many thanks for comments and sharing information on that topic,
   PS : Thank you to contact me directly at : jpascal.quod at arvam.com
   Dr. Jean Pascal QUOD, Directeur Général
   E-mail  :  jpascal.quod at arvam.com  /  Skype : tooloote / Mobile : 0692
   ARVAM (Agence pour la Recherche et la Valorisation Marines)
   3, rue Henri Cornu, Espace 2, Rodrigues 2, Technopole de la Réunion
   97490, Ste Clotilde, Réunion
   Tel : 0262283908 (int. : +262 262 283908)
   Fax: 0262280881 (int. : +262 262 280881)
   URL: http://www.arvam.com

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