[Coral-List] times are changing

Jordan Garza jorga1 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 5 15:13:55 EST 2008

The USA people, in a clear demonstration of political matureness, have elected a new president, one that promises the changes needed, not only for the US citizens but for the rest of the world that sustains the consequences of the US external politics. I think the results of the US elections are GREAT news for everybody! And I was wondering if these are right times for USA but also international scientists, to address to the incoming administration with our concerns to the threats that coral reefs face all over the world and the need for righteous political actions. I was wondering if someone knows if that kind of actions have been taken or could (should) be taken, and if there are ways to participate on such things. And quoting Bob Dylan “times are changing”… lets hope for the best!!

M. en C. Adán Guillermo Jordán-Garza


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