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Eric Borneman eborneman at uh.edu
Thu Nov 13 11:52:16 EST 2008

The use of "F2" and "generation" are terms inappropriately and  
inaccurately applied to "farm-cultured" corals. The asexual  
propagation of an initial propagule or ramet is not filial nor  

Eric Borneman

On Nov 12, 2008, at 7:30 PM, Peterrubec at cs.com wrote:

Eric Borneman
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> To Don Baker, In the link you provided it states that the R  
> designation
> refers to corals that are farmed through to the F2 generation. It  
> goes on to say
> that F2 farmed corals are exempted under CITES regulations (see  
> quote below).. Is
> this true? I thought that even farmed corals are subject to CITES  
> quotas?
> "FARM CULTURED corals qualify as ‘captive bred’ and are exempted  
> from CITES
> regulations if they are certified as grown from second generation  
> cultured
> stock,"
> Peter Rubec, Ph.D.
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