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Terri Young tyoung at icran.org
Thu Nov 20 09:04:45 EST 2008

Dear Listers,


The World Resources Institute (WRI), the International Coral Reef Action
Network (ICRAN) and the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre
(UNEP-WCMC), are leading a world-class collaboration in a global, map-based
analysis of threats to the world's coral reefs, called Reefs at Risk
Revisited. The update of this influential 1998 analysis, Reefs at Risk - a
map-based indicator of threat to the world's coral reefs, will provide a
detailed examination of human pressures on coral reefs, implications for
reef condition and projections of associated economic impacts in coastal


One of the activities under the Reefs at Risk Revisited project is to
develop some interesting stories of both healthy and threatened reefs that
highlight impacts and successes from around the world. The threatened reef
stories will help to bring home points and provide memorable examples -
examples where coastal development has caused problems; examples where
runoff from agriculture has damaged the reef; examples where over fishing
resulted in significant change in coral cover, locations of blast fishing,


The healthy reef stories will serve to highlight those that are showing
natural resilience, and others that showcase successful management
interventions that have served to reverse the decline in coral reef
ecosystems. The signs of promise are important to show all is not lost, and
to provide some examples which give us hope.  


Does your organisation have stories that you would like to share? If you are
able to identify a location that you are familiar with, or suggest
individuals who may be able to provide a case study that would fulfill the
above objectives, could you please contact Terri Young on tyoung at icran.org. 


Many thanks in advance for your assistance.



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