[Coral-List] ranges of tolerance for Acropora species

Lina Maria Barrios Suarez linamaria558 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 24 08:02:00 EST 2008

Good morning:
I am doing some experiments with my students to see the effect of specific nutrients (carbon and nitrogen) on coral growth. For the experiments we are going to use 4 species: Acropora formosa, A. kirstyae, A. horrida, A..tortuosa.
However I have a problem: I can not find the ranges of tolerance of the species to carbon and nitrogen.
Could any of you help me then with information related to those ranges (maximum, minimum, and optimum for CO3, HCO3, CO2, NO2, NO3, ammonia)?
Thank you in advance.
Lina M. Barrios
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