[Coral-List] Caribbean fish abundance data

Jerald S. Ault jault at rsmas.miami.edu
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The attached two papers should help you with reef fish abundance in the
Florida Keys and Puerto Rico:

Ault, J.S., S.G. Smith, J. Luo, M.E. Monaco and R.S. Appeldoorn. (2008).
Length-based assessment of sustainability benchmarks for coral reef fishes
in Puerto Rico. Environmental Conservation 35(3): 221-231.

Ault, J.S., S.G. Smith, and J.A. Bohnsack. (2005). Evaluation of average
length as an estimator of exploitation status for the Florida coral reef
fish community. ICES Journal of Marine Science 62: 417-423.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Best regards,


> Hi all,
> I'm a PhD student from London studying recovery dynamics of Diadema
> antillarum. I'm hoping to use the extensive knowledge of the list to
> find out where best to access abundance data for both predatory and
> herbivorous fish species in various Caribbean locations for recent
> years? I'm looking to make comparisons between fish abundance and urchin
> recovery so I'm not really looking for detailed species-specific data,
> more general abundance data that represents the level of fishing
> pressure at different locations. I'm particularly interested in numbers
> for Jamaica, US virgin islands, Barbados, Florida Keys, Curacao,
> Bonaire...
> Any help in the right direction would be much appreciated
> Regards
> Alice Rogers
> PhD student
> Division of Biology
> Imperial College London
> Silwood Park Campus
> Ascot, Berkshire SL5 7PY UK
> +44 (0) 20 759 42253
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