[Coral-List] A new book "Eilat's Coral Reefs"

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Thu Nov 27 03:29:42 EST 2008

Dear Listers,
Eilat's reefs are situated on the northernmost tip of the Red Sea, in the
Gulf of Aqaba. Surprisingly - as the gulf reaches 7 degrees north of the
tropic of cancer, and its extreme climatic and oceanographic conditions such
as low winter temperatures, high salinity and very low productivity - they
are highly diversed and show a considerable degree of endemism of fish and
other reef organisms. The proximity of the reefs to fast developing urban
areas, commercial port and under ever-increasing diving tourism, pose many
dangers to the reef. My new book, titled "Eilat's Coral Reefs" is a
semi-popular, highly ilustrated account of these reefs, describing the reef
types, their corals and the attached fauna, was recently released. It is 192
pages long, in a small hardcover format holding over 500 underwater color
pictures, taken during the last 5 years. Its mission is to increase
awareness to the reefs and their protection. For further information please
refer to:
or contact me,
Jacob Dafni

Dr. Jacob Dafni
Ben-Gurion University, Eilat Campus
P.O.B. 14605 Eilat 88580 Israel
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