[Coral-List] Post for input from coral-list members concerning education, outreach, and coral reef decline in Florida

Alex Holecek alex.holecek at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 07:45:18 EST 2008

Hello Lister's-

I am a product of Florida public schools.  While I can't speak to the
specifics of this student's situation, I can say that having been there
myself - I wasn't exposed to many of Florida's specific environmental issues
in my junior high science classes either.  I remember feeling like so much
of the curriculum in public schools had a fairly limited scope, focused only
on standardized testing, avoided any political anything, and, honestly, most
of my teachers didn't 'feel' their subjects - and neither did their
students.  However, in so many people's lives - there is always that one
teacher that got through, that one teacher that opened up a whole new way of
thinking, that one teacher that inspired.  I do think a lot of kids fall
through the cracks, the good teachers don't get every student and
environmental curriculum's with scientifically trained teachers don't always
get funded.  Nevertheless, Florida has made so much of an effort and has so
many educational resources that this particular student could take the
'think globally, act locally" philosophy and apply it.

Seems to me like this student needs to start a science club, if there isn't
one already.  If so, they should contribute their time and develop an
educational presentation for the local junior high schools in the area to
inform them about what this student feels is missing, especially if others
feel the same and want to participate.  Getting mad at the weakness of the
school system doesn't make it change, only action does.

Alex Holecek
Water Pollution Control
Division of Environmental Protection
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands


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