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Rowena Hawnt Rhawnt at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 28 18:09:30 EST 2008

I totally agree with you all on this topic of science education.
As a teacher and having taught in the schools here in Australia I  
found that due to the scope that the teachers have available to them  
to achieve outcomes, many teachers tend to focus on their favourite  
subjects to achieve those goals (english, art etc).
There was a definite lack of anything to do with science and  
especially marine science in the classroom.  It is quite  
understandable when you consider how much a teacher has to try and fit  
in to a students day! So much is placed upon teachers shoulders that  
it is more than impossible to achieve it all and there were many  
things that i saw lacking in the schools including physical education  
(which as we know is also vitally important).  I am a campaigner for  
marine science purely because it is my passion.
Due to this i have set up a company here that provides this service to  
schools.  We are available to everyone from pre-school to high school  
and offer a variety of marine subjects.  The way i have written these  
is to make the students think, to expose to them the controversial and  
the 'hot topics' as they are the next generation of not only marine  
scientists but also the general public.  What we do now can have a  
long reaching effect by installing that passion in them to follow  
their dreams if they are so inclined but also as members of society to  
install in them an appreciation of the marine realm so that we dont  
see the cigarette butts on the beach, the plastic bags floating in the  
ocean and boat strike injuries on our endangered species anymore.
I would love to hear from any other marine educators out there!

Kind Regards,
symbionteducation at gmail.com

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