[Coral-List] reefs near Dubai What corals??

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Sultan bin Sulayeum rightfully stated that "Not one coral would be harmed" by the dredging, placement, and plumes of the Palm Jumeirah - based on surveys under the future palm there were about 1M sqm under 7M sqm of future island...some half hearted attempts were made to relocated - but the cost were initially more than $5M - so forget it...

Later environmental pronouncements were that Nakheel was doing a lot of stud\ies to restor and encourage recolonization...but to 0... Periodic satellite images showed sediment plumes of 7km along the coast from the hdyraulic dredging....so What corals???

We now have Palm Jumeriah, Palm Jebel Ali that was placed in a coral reef "sanctuary", then whatever was left of that look at the Nakheel waterfront project....oh yeh World Island and Palm Deira...oh by the way more islands are coming in between the others...and the Port of Jebel Ali is also expanding...you guess it...off shore...WHY?? the cost of reclamation and producing water-front properties is 0.1-0.3 buying land - as none is left..

By the way, I returned to Nakheel/Jebel Ali Properties in 2001, so I tried....but no avail...


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> Can anyone help with info about the state of coral reefs in
> UAE - specifically around Dubai in the context of the land
> reclamation projects around 'The Palm' etc I see
> conflicting reports from environmental organisations about
> what may or may not have happened? 
> sincerely,
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