[Coral-List] Seychelles land reclamation

Pollyanna I Fisher pfisher at hawaii.edu
Wed Oct 1 21:43:47 EDT 2008

Related to the Dubai coral and coastal concern. 
I have in the past few years visited Seychelles a couple of times. I am very sad to say that they too have taken to creating more land with land reclamation by dredging from the sea.  Many people have talked about the fact that the corals are dying and deteriorating, I mentioned that the land reclamation might be the source of it, but most locals attribute it to the 2004 Tsunami. I am sure that the Tsunami did not help the health of the reef, but I am afraid the damage is being done by the production of more artificial land and the sedimentation that follows it. 
This project has been at a much smaller scale than that in Dubai. Does anyone know how to contact local authorities and make a point about the environmental impacts that these land reclamations produce?

Aloha from Hawaii,

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