[Coral-List] Request for Information - Seagrass of the Gulf - Salinity & Temperature Tolerance

Jeremy Sofonia jeremy at sofonia.com
Sun Oct 5 10:31:13 EDT 2008

Dear List,

I’m currently working on a impact assessment project in Bahrain relative
to a proposed desalination power production development.

As with such projects, changes in salinity and temperature resulting from
effluent discharge and their potential impacts to the local environment
are of primary concern.

In this instance, the benthic community is dominated by seagrass ranging
in depth from the lower intertidal zone to a depth of approximately -10m

Unfortunately, however, I don't have a great site specific water quality
baseline or very good handle on what seagrasses within this region
normally experience.

Does anyone on the List have any ideas, or know of tolerance values, that
have been observed and/or utilised in previous studies within the region?

Species present include:
- Halodule uninervis (most common);
- Halophila stipulacea; and
- Halophila ovalis

At the time of field observation, ambient water salinity was approximately
45ppt. and temperature ranged from 31-33C. Grasses at most locations
appeared relatively healthy with cover nearing 100%.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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