[Coral-List] 2. Re: Atlantis Dubai whale shark (Sarah Frias-Torres)

tim ecott timecott at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 10 05:58:03 EDT 2008

regarding the whale sharks:
it is worth noting that contrary to what was reported earlier: the Georgia aquarium has not successfully kept two whale sharks alive. they BOTH DIED. also they were not captured off Indonesia but in Taiwan and there is some controversy over whether they were 'rescued' from fishermen or 'caught to order'. Whalesharks almost never survive in captivity - there is one aquarium in japan which has managed to keep successive specimens alive.
in the case of the Dubai whaleshark which was allegedly 'rescued' by Atlantis, it is worth noting that the rescue coincided with the opening of the Atlantis Palm resort and the hotel pr team has got itself in a real muddle over whether or not the shark will be released at some future date. the chances of any useful 'research' originating from this capture are, in my humble view. very very limited.Tim Ecott is the author of Neutral Buoyancy: Adventures in a Liquid World (Penguin) and 

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