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Lee Goldman coralfarmguam at yahoo.com
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Hi List,

....and if gearing the discussion back towards corals as an appropriate topic for discussion; I am still trying to find the connection between the aquarium trade (as a whole with emphasis on the private home-hobbyists) and reef conservation (as originally stated from Les Kaufman's post) since millions of corals are taken OFF of the reef for the largely private enjoyment of individuals. Is this how reefs should be appreciated? Is it catch-22 in that those that appreciate the reefs, do so because they are able to collect from them? Maybe this is priming for when this may be the ONLY way to see corals in our world?

And for those who would argue that millions of corals aren't taken off of the reefs annually (referencing CITES as your best source), please credit the number of corals taken illegally each year and, in pursuit of fish for the same industry, the number of corals killed each year as incidentals.


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