[Coral-List] 2 PhD positions at the University of Amsterdam on understanding and modelling biomineralization

Jaap Kaandorp J.A.Kaandorp at uva.nl
Sun Oct 19 09:02:41 EDT 2008

Within the Marie Curie Initial Training Network "Biomineralization: understanding of 
basic mechanisms for the design of novel strategies in nanobiotechnology (BIOMINTEC)''
there are currently a number of PhD positions available.  The duration of each PhD 
position is 36 months. Being part of a mobility program, PhD candidates 
will perform their work in two of the partner institutions (18 months each, in two 
different countries) which can not be the home country of the candidate. The 
University of Amsterdam (The Informatics Institute) is one of the partners in the 
BIOMINTEC project and involved in 2 PhD positions. The first PhD (ESR2) will work
on sponges and the title of the project is: ``Fractal mechanism of silicatein self-assembly 
and biosilicification (Experimental studies and Modelling studies''. The second PhD (ESR8)
will work on calcification, e.g., in scleractinian corals and molluscs, the title of this
project is ``Biocalcification: Characterization of crystal-shaping proteins of the 
molluscan shell and modelling gene regulation''.  Candidates should have a master's 
degree (or equivalent) in scientific computing or computational science, (computational) 
physics, chemistry, molecular biology or a comparable expertise.  

Details about both PhD positions are available at:
ESR2 (vacancy number 08-1057)

ESR8 (vacancy number 08-1058)

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