[Coral-List] FAQ, Do/Don't, Blunders, Rules

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Mon Oct 20 06:28:46 EDT 2008


    (I know a lot of people aren't going to read this and will ask us 
this stuff again, but here goes anyway.)

    Here are answers to the more common questions, or reminders to what 
has been posted over and over again concerning Coral-List:

Q:  Where is the information page for Coral-List?
A:  http://coral.aoml.noaa.gov/mailman/listinfo/coral-list

Q:  How do I subscribe/unsubscribe/change email address for the list?
A:  http://coral.aoml.noaa.gov/mailman/listinfo/coral-list.  Please try 
this before asking us to do it for you.

Q:  Where are the archived Coral-List messages?  I missed something and 
want to find it.
A:  1995 - July, 2003:  http://www.coral.noaa.gov/lists/archives.shtml
      July 7, 2003 - present:  

Q:  Is there a way to search the archives?
A:  Unfortunately, no.  But you can go to each archived page and do a 
search on that page to see if the general topic word is listed.

Q:  Why hasn't my message appeared?  I know I'm subscribed...
A:  The list is moderated, so the message won't be released until one of 
us (Lew Gramer or  I) reads and approves of it.  Sometimes we don't 
moderate on holidays or the weekend.

Abbreviated Rules/Guidelines:

    * Please don't attach pictures or files.  If you want someone to see
      a picture or  file, post the  link, or ask them to contact you if 
      they're interested.  If you try to post one  anyway, it will
      either be stripped or discarded before it even gets into the
      moderator's queue.
    * Be nice.  Don't be nasty to your colleagues.  We're all here to
      save the corals, we don't always agree on how to do that.
    * Watch your language--pretend that what you're writing is going to
      be seen in the newspaper with your name attached.
    * Please don't post your resume or job request.  We're terribly
      sorry about this.  Please instead see the December, 2005 archive
      (search for  "job") on that page (see above on archives).  Also
      note that you can look through more recent archives to find jobs
      that same way.  Also, subscribe to Ecolog-L (search Web to find
      it), as they often post jobs, too.
    * Please DO post jobs your organization has available.  See this Job
      Policy statement:
          o http://coral.aoml.noaa.gov/pipermail/coral-list/2008-September/038001.html
    * Please try to do the research before you ask someone else to do it
      for you via the List.  However, there are some cases where it is
      acceptable, e.g, remoteness, you've already tried, etc.
    * If you get the Digested version and you want to reply to a post,
      don't simply press Reply, because after all, you're  not Replying
      to the whole list of subjects, and we want the proper Subject to
      be posted in your response so people can follow the thread.
    * It is against the law for us to allow lobbying of Congress through
      this list, so please don't try.

    There are other topics, but this covers most of it.


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