[Coral-List] back to corals...

James Cervino PhD. jcervino at whoi.edu
Mon Oct 20 15:49:49 EDT 2008

Bruce- My posting as a "research biologist" specifically points out that
scientific research is a valid reason for coral collection. You seem to forget
the true meaning of "conservation"! However, you seem to be clouded by the
benefits of corals being brought into the USA for coffee table showings. As
research / "conservation" biologists we are supposed to step up to the plate
and protect the corals from exploitation, which is what is happening within the
Aquarium trade today.

PS: I am looking forward to seeing your rapidly recovering reef data showing
that the reefs on Fiji have bounced back to what they looked like pre-global
warming bleaching events of the 1980s and the 1998 event! Instead of backing
the collectors try advocating the complete protection of the remaining corals
left in the gene pool.

James Cervino

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