[Coral-List] coral farming

Peterrubec at cs.com Peterrubec at cs.com
Wed Oct 22 12:13:09 EDT 2008

I have been working with several NGOs (Telapak) in Indonesia and East Asian Seas and Terrestrial Initiatives (EASTI) in the Philippines. Telepak has helped to create a coral farm in Serangan (near Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia) and is about to start exporting farmed hard corals grown from frags. They already are exporting artificial (concrete) live rock. This is being done in Serangan by the village-based association. 

I agree that banning wild harvest of corals would help those serious about mariculture (still in the ocean). But, perhaps there also needs to be regulations limiting culture of corals in developed countries. This does not help the country of origin.

Coral reefs need to be managed based on their ecosystem services.
Peter Rubec, Ph.D.

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