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Chris Jeffrey chris.jeffrey at noaa.gov
Fri Oct 31 11:15:48 EDT 2008

Good Day Coral Listers

Below is a job posting for a Physical Scientist with NOAA's Center for 
Coastal Monitoring and Assessment.  The position is not with the Federal 
Government but is paid through a Contracting company  - Consolidated Safety
Services, Inc (CSS).  The closing date is as soon as possible. The 
position could also be found online at 


Chris Jeffrey

Christopher F.G. Jeffrey, Ph.D
Marine Ecologist

Biogeography Branch (CSS, Inc. Contractor)
Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment
National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science

Mailing Address:
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Ocean Service
1305 East-West Hwy, SSMC-4, N/SCI-1, #9213
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3281

301.713.3028 x-134 (Tel)
301.713.4384 (Fax)


Organization: NOAA | NOS | NCCOS | Center for Coastal Monitoring & 
Assessment (CCMA) | Coastal and Oceanographic Assessment, Status & 
Trends Branch

*Position*: Physical Scientist -- Senior Ocean Remote Sensing Specialist

*Position Description:* CCMA's Coastal and Oceanographic Assessment, 
Status & Trends (COAST) Branch is seeking qualified applicants to fill a 
vacant physical scientist position with expertise in ocean remote 
sensing. S/he who fills the position should have demonstrated project 
management experience, including successful proposal development, budget 
and milestone development, assigning tasks to project team, and assuring 
completion of said tasks. S/he should also have a minimum of 6 years 
experience processing and analyzing satellite imagery. More 
specifically, s/he should be well versed in analyzing ocean color optics 
and climatologies towards developing Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) 
detection algorithms. Familiarity with NOAA's NGOM hydrodynamic model 
outputs, NOAA's GNOME and other particle tracking software, wind, 
temperature and currents data, and phytoplankton ecology and dynamics is 
also highly valued. The recruit should have excellent and oral 
communication skills, with demonstrated ability to do so through a 
record of peer review publications and symposia presentations. 
Additional duties for the recruit include managing Branch projects, 
including delegating tasks to project team members, ensuring projects 
are completed on time and budget, and communicating progress to Branch 
Chief and Center Director.
*Education / Degree requirements: *Masters Degree in Physical Oceanography.
*Start Date: *As soon as possible; No later than December 1, 2008.

*Software Requirements: *Experience with the following software and 
computer operating systems:
   1. LINUX/UNIX operating system
   2. JMP statistical software
   3. IDL data and visualization software
   4. PCI Geomatica geospatial software
   5. ArcGIS geographical information system software
   6. Mathworks MATLAB software
   7. Standard Microsoft Office suite

*Important Note: *This is not a federal position.  The successful 
candidate will work full-time under a Consolidated Safety Services, Inc. 
(CSS) contract. The candidate will be hired for the NOAA office in 
Silver Spring, MD.
CSS, Inc.'s benefits for full-time employees includes Medical/Dental 
Insurance, Disability and Life Insurance, 401K, and Employee Stock 
Ownership Plans (ESOPs). For more information please visit 

 Please email resume and salary requirements to 
spjobs at consolidatedsafety.com

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