[Coral-List] Coral spawning in Belize (Aug.18-23)

Nicole Fogarty fogarty at bio.fsu.edu
Thu Sep 4 14:16:02 EDT 2008

My apologizes for the delay in this posting, but we lacked internet 
access during spawning.

Carrie Bow Cay, Belize coral spawning observations
August 18 (day 2) Acropora palmata set at 7:53pm and spawning was 
observed 8:40 - 8:53pm (2hr 24-37min after sunset).
August 19 (day 3) A. cervicornis and A. palmata set at 7:45pm and 
8:31, respectively, and both species spawned from 8:53-9:00 (2hr 
36-44min after sunset). Note only a few A. palmata colonies spawned this night.
August 20 (day 4) no spawning
August 21 (day 5) did not monitor
August 22 (day 6) Montastraea faveolata  set at 9:53 and spawned 
approximately at 10pm (~3hr 45min after sunset). Note only a few 
colonies spawned.
August 23 (day 7) Montastraea faveolata set at 9:12pm and spawned 
9:50-9:55 (3hr 35-40 min after sunset).

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