[Coral-List] Coral Reef Watch expands Virtual Stations and bleaching alert system

Hector Reyes hreyes at uabcs.mx
Fri Sep 5 18:05:09 EDT 2008

mark, congrats for the effort and it will surely be a great asset for
bleaching studies.. but just a simple comment. banco chinchorro is in
mexico, not belize. in out country we are used to these kind of small
confusions (many people believes that the gulf of california belongs to
the usa), but still, a little geographic precision is useful. saludos!

Hector Reyes
UABCS, La Paz, Mexico (not Bolivia!)

> NOAA's Coral Reef Watch is pleased to announce that its expansion of
> the experimental Virtual Station system is complete, and 190 coral
> reef sites are now available.  Virtual Stations are based on
> satellite measurements of the thermal stress that can lead to coral
> bleaching, highlighting pixels that are close to specific reefs.
> Users can access time series graphs and data, view regional
> temperature imagery, and sign up for free alert e-mails that warn
> when conditions are right for coral bleaching.
> The operational system began in 2005, with 24 reefs around the
> world.  The new experimental sites are open for comment and further
> discussion from partners around the world to optimize placement and
> the satellite data will be validated against in situ data where
> available.
> The new experimental sites cover coral reefs in the Florida Keys,
> Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Indian Ocean, Coral Triangle, Australia’s
> Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii, and the Pacific Ocean.  Products are
> available from our experimental products webpage:
> http://coralreefwatch.noaa.gov/satellite/current/
> experimental_products.html
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