[Coral-List] CRISP funds for coastal watershed restoration in the Pacific

Angela Kirkman angela_kirkman at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 7 21:42:26 EDT 2008

Project: Review and field demonstration of coastal watershed restoration activities in support to the Integrated Coastal Management (ICWM) component to the Coral Reef Initiative for the Pacific (CRISP).
As Coordinator of the CRISP Component 1 (MPAs and Integrated Coastal Management) NGO Conservation International is looking for a partner (or a consortium of partners) to help achieve one of the objectives of the project, which is to contribute to a review, analysis, demonstration and promotion of successful methods and approaches for integrated coastal management, including addressing erosion control, water catchment planning, ecological restoration, invasive species management and exemplary practices to link these to effective management of coral reefs, associated coastal areas and Marine Protected Areas. The details of the tender and the proposal submission are described below. The maximum budget allocation for this project is 269.000 Euro.
Full details on the tender process and CRISP available at http://www.crisponline.net/

Submissions deadline is 20 September 2008.  

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