[Coral-List] software replacement for mapsource?

Dimitar Berov dimitar.berov at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 12 08:58:28 EDT 2008

Dear All,
I am a PhD student in benthic ecology working in the Bulgarian academy of
sciences on research projects related to macroalgal benthic communities
along the Black sea coast. I am currently looking for a program that would
be a good replacement for Garmin's MapSource. We've been having way too many
issues with Garmin's software and I would be really happy to find a better
solution for our daily needs. I am sure most of the users of the list have
similar issues with field work and have found better products to work with
than Garmin's software..
 What I am looking for is a software package that can edit garmin gps files
and tracks,can link up to Garmin gps devices,  could use various gps
formats,  read Garmin maps. Any additional features that might be useful in
mapping coastal habitats and work on stations. Compatibility with GIS
formats would also be an advantage, but in any case we are using Arc GIS for
our mapping and more advanced procedures.
All the best,
Dimitar Berov, BAS-BG

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