[Coral-List] The World is in Trouble....

Don Baker reefpeace at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 11 17:57:47 EDT 2008

When I gave talks about the need for MPAs for conserving coral reef natural resources in North Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia when I was developing SIMCA (1997 to 2003) with Mr Ken Chung ( http://www.reef-guardian.org/Reef_Guardian/Welcome.html) .....I always hit on (right word here too) on human population affection and even dared to hit on social reforms, population controls, and change of Government constitutions to address religious premises that are against population control.  And...bingo!   I hit brick walls and was even once threaten by a Gov official in the Philippines on this....to never bring up this subject along side MPA talks or I would be....well, go figure.

As we say in North Borneo:  "What to Do?"

Don Baker

PS:  My degree Major = Biology / Minor = Sociology  

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"Dedication and motivated direction in achieving specific goals related to the care and protection of living things is not necessarily a guaranteed formula for success.  Success is, more often than not, a direct result of a person’s passion in addition to the above formula." [Don Baker, Marine Conservationist/Activist, 1998]


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