[Coral-List] Commercial fish species United States names in foreign languages

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over a decade ago, a couple of researchers from UABC Ensenada published an
"official" listing of mexican names, supported by the AFS and the
Ichthyological Society of Mexico. Unfortunately, the book may be out of
press by now. this is the reference:

Escobar-Fernández Roberto y Mario Siri Chiesa, 1997, Nombres vernáculos y
científicos de los peces del Pacífico mexicano.,Universidad Autónoma de
Baja California., Sociedad Ictiológica Mexicana, A. C., México. ISBN

Hector Reyes
UABCS, La Paz.

> I have found FishBase (http://www.fishbase.org/search.php) very useful in
> finding local names used in outher countries and languages.
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>>Dear Milton,
>>There is no such thing as a "Spanish name". In the US, fish common names
>>were standardized in 1980 (Nomenclator....) and published by the American
>>Fisheries Society, but in Latin American, common names are greatly
>> variable,
>>among and within countries. You just have to choose the ones used (and
>>published) in one country (or region) and stick to them, unless you can
>>use/mention 3-5 names.
>>I use (and so suggest you to do it, as well) this publication:
>>"Ecology of the Marine Fishes of Cuba". 2002. Claro, K. Lindeman and L.
>>Parenti, eds., Smithsonian Institution Press"
>>where you can find a list of marine fishes scientific and common names in
>>English and Spanish (for Cuba).
>>I guess it is even more difficult for Dutch names, since N Atlantic fish
>>species in Dutch-speaking territories (Netherland Antilles) may vary from
>>island to island. However, Netherland Antilles experts may be able to
>> help
>>Since this is a frequent issue in the multi-lingual Caribbean region, I
>> send
>>the message to the entire list.
>>In addition, I am c.ciing this message to a friend and marine biologist
>> in
>>Aruba that may be able to help you.
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>>I need the names of the commercial fish species sold in the USA in two
>>foreign languages, Dutch and Spanish.
>>I checked FishBase, CFSPAN on FDA and several other resources including
>> FAO
>>but either the databases are excruciatingly slow, or not accessible, not
>>complete or non-existent.
>>How do I get hold of the list of approximately 125 species sold
>> commercially
>>in the USA in Dutch and Spanish?
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