[Coral-List] Call for maps of the Arabian Gulf - It is a lot too late

Tom Williams ctwiliams at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 13 00:38:18 EDT 2008


Where have you been for the last six years 

In the A/P Gulf from Ras Al Khaimah to Ruwais, then Doha, the Q-B Bridge, Bahrain, South Pars and Kish (Ir), etc. massive shoreline development has oblierated the shallow - <10m coral reefs. Yes even with the bleaching etc. before there were coral - but Palm Jumeirah start the massacre

Basic economics - I can build waterfront property at $150/sqm  rather than buying "on land" - if available at $1500/sqm   

Even the World Island and Doha Airport go into 15-18m water but is far less economical as the contractors figured out as to how to work the Employers.

By the Way, the sleeping giant, AD, may devastate the entire eastern AD Emirate shallow water - yes they may keep some of the mangrove, but offshore to -12m ACD forget.

There may be some coral left in the Oman part of the peninsula, deeper water and in the Sila District of Abu Dhabi although well offshore (10+km).

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> Dear Coral-list IUCN is putting together some short educational videos 
> on coral reef resilience, and we would like to highlight the high 
> thermal tolerance of corals in the Arabian Gulf.
>  To this end, we would appreciate it if you could please
> send high resolution maps of the Arabian Gulf, especially
> showing coral reefs in the region, to the following
> addresses-ggrimsditch at iucnus.org (Gabriel
> Grimsditch)dobura at cordioea.org (Dr David Obura) Thank you
> for your time, we look forward to your mapsGabriel
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